Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fire Text Tutorial on Photoshop CS2

1. Open New Document (I have 640 x 480), background color is black.

2. Write the "Words/Text" you want to edit by click the "T" (Type Tool) on the left. (I chose "Laguboti") with Frakturika Spamless Font you can get this font free by searching it on

3. Duplicate the Text Layer by click Layer --> Duplicate Layer.. or you just click Ctrl + J on your key board.
So you have now 2 layer Text.

4. Now, we will work with the first Text Layer.

5. Click Edit --> Transform --> Rotate 90 CW.

6. Then click Filter --> Stylize ---> Wind, do it twice or more.

7. Once again, click Filter --> Stylize ---> Wind but change the "Direction" "From the Right" to "From the Left".

8. Now you have to rotate the text layer as the early position by Click Edit --> Transform --> Rotate 90 CCW.

9. Now do again step no. 6 and no. 7 (Filter --> Stylize ---> Wind)

10. We move now to the second Text Layer by right click the the second Layer and click
Blending Options, then click "Stroke" and set "Fill Type" with "Gradient" and choose the color.

11. Click Image --> Mode --> Grayscale and click "Flatten"
12. Again, click Click Image --> Mode --> Indexed Color
13. Click Image --> Mode --> Color Table and change the "Grayscale" with "Blackbody"

Here we are !!!


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